Public Service Transformation Zone

The Irish Government’s new Public Service Transformation Framework is at the heart of Ireland’s Better Public Services strategy, providing the direction for strategic reform in the Public Service with a vision for inclusive, high quality and integrated Public Service provision that meets the needs and improves the lives of the people of Ireland.

The strategy is framed around three core themes; Digital and Innovation at Scale; Workforce and Organisation of the Future; and Evidence-Informed Policies and Services Designed for and with our Public, and successfully achieving them together will help maintain and build trust in public institutions and carry out its functions effectively on behalf of Government.

The Public Service Transformation Zone at Procurex Ireland will host several sessions dedicated to helping organisations understand how they can contribute to the delivery of digitally enabled services and functions and the development of scalable innovations, the upskilling and reskilling of staff in accordance with business needs, and help the public sector deliver human-centred policies and services.

Agenda coming soon.