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The Leading Health Procurement Event

Exhibiting at Procurex Ireland is your Gateway to Public Sector Business Growth

Spend on public sector common goods and services continues to grow across Ireland and now exceeds €12 billion a year. The public procurement market provides growing opportunities for suppliers – supported by a commitment from The Office of Government procurement(OGP) to continue to engage SME`s and Micro Businesses with over 70% of businesses on OGP framework agreements coming from the SME sector.

Exhibiting at Procurex Ireland provides an exceptional face to face interactive platform for you to showcase your products and present your solutions directly to over 1200 public sector buyers and key decision makers in one place, on one day.

Many of our exhibitors who already supply to the Irish public sector – supply chain companies just like yours – report an increase in turnover, higher profits and an expansion of their workforce. Engaging the right buyers will help you win valuable new business, grow your share of this lucrative market and guarantee regular income, driving sustainable growth for your business.


Spend Per Region

What does exhibiting mean for your business?


Exhibiting at Procurex Ireland ensures your company has the opportunity to connect, build relationships and generate valuable sales leads with buyers responsible for spend and budget control within local and central government, healthcare, education, housing and the emergency services across the four home nations of the island of Ireland– all on one day.

Now, more than ever,  public sector buyers are seeking new suppliers that can offer innovative solutions, value for money and the right tools to help deliver their growth and efficiency targets.



Showcase your products and expertise

Contrary to popular belief, buyers do engage with the supply chain before launching formal procurement processes. Pre-procurement market engagement does take place, and Procurex Ireland provides the ideal opportunity for you to meet those buyers and engage with them effectively in the right environment at the right time.

Being where your customers are is vital

Buyers responsible for specific procurement categories as well as managers and directors overseeing the procurement budget and procurement function all attend Procurex Ireland – ensuring that you connect with the right audience in the right environment.

Get In Touch

For further information on all exhibition & sponsorship opportunities email us at or call us on  01686 9420 if calling from within Ireland and 0845 270 7066 if calling from the UK.


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