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The Leading Health Procurement Event

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Do you know that the public sector is moving towards life-cycle costing and ensuring that the specification takes consideration of issues other than just price? Can you interpret a specification to find out exactly what the buyer is looking for or do you spend a lot of time responding but not winning?

The sessions in the Bid Support Zone will look at key issues including What the Buyer Really Wants, Tips to Improve Your Bid and Your Rights at Standstill.

Who should attend? All members of the procurement team, Category Managers, Change Managers, all stakeholders to contracts, anyone who contributes to or influences procurement decisions

What you will learn on this course is how your procurement exercises should be done.
● Keep control of your contracts
● Ensure that what you pay for is what you get
● Ensure your KPIs are being met
● Continue healthy interaction with your suppliers
● Gain feedback from users
● Pre-empt resource issues when a contract goes wrong
● Enact good change management processes
● Reduce the risk of material contract variation
● Gain insight for re-tender

On completion you will be able to:
● How to understand exactly what happens in your contracts
● How to put supplier management structures in place
● How to keep control of your contracts
● How to ensure what you for is what you get

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