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The Leading Health Procurement Event

More than ever, getting the specification right from the outset is critical. Change, in most cases, can’t happen unless planned for, which means that understanding the market is a necessity.

Ensuring your specification is as accurate as it can be and aligned to the requirements and objectives you seek to achieve is the desired outcome, but all too often specifications are copied from previous contracts and not updated to account for changes in technology or service levels, and so authorities end up with just the same as before.

This zone will look at a variety of issues including Market Engagement, Drafting the Specification and Planning for Change and offer hints and tips to help delegates obtain better outcomes.

Who should attend? Procurement personnel, stakeholders, legal and financial teams, contract, change and project managers.

What you will learn on this course is how your procurement exercises should be done.

  • How the new requirements for transparency and non-discrimination impact your specification
  • How to get your criteria right to benefit your organisation
  • The importance of life-cycle costing
  • The elements that are non-negotiable once published

On completion you will be able to:

  • Understand how your specification can enable you to achieve the right result
  • How you can achieve efficiency savings by considering the full future of the contract
  • Deliver the right results for your department and your organisation
  • Contribute positively to your organisation’s needs
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