Ireland’s Leading Public Sector Procurement Event

15 April 2021 - RDS Dublin

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Event Themes

Social Value

Delivering good quality public services within budget and offering added value is key. Social value in the procurement process is crucial to public bodies and is an important way of helping improve local economic growth.

There is an increasing focus and ambition for a significant culture change across all public bodies, buyers and commissioning services to ensure that Social Value is considered throughout the procurement process, from setting the specifications and award criteria through to the management of the contract.

What delegates will learn

This year’s Social Value Academy Zone will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to participate in a range of interactive training sessions and workshops, showcasing Social Value initiatives and best practice, allowing you to learn how to effectively incorporate social considerations within public sector procurement.

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How Social Enterprises Deliver Sustainable Procurement and a Better Society

Chris M Gordon

CEO and Co-Founder of the Irish Social Enterprise Network

Social and Other Specific Services

Phil Kinnell

Consultant, PASS

While factoring Sustainability into your public procurement processes may be good practice, this session will discuss Social and Other Specific Services, and other socioeconomic and environmental aspects of the European Union (Award of Public Authority Contracts) Regulations 2016 and their impact on your procurement exercises.


Irish Prisons & Probation Services developing future partnership opportunities with Social Enterprises

Siobhan Cafferty

Social Enterprise Project Manager, Irish Prison Service / Glasnevin

Update on Northern Ireland Social Enterprises

Colin Jess

Director, Social Enterprise NI

The evolution of the Buy Social NI approach to maximising social benefits from public investment

Lizzie Borelan


The Buy Social Unit was formed in 2015 to assist public bodies in Northern Ireland to deliver additional social value through public contracts. Prior to 2019, the primary way this was achieved was through Targeted Recruitment and Training. The Buy Social approach for Services and ICT contracts has now evolved to a points based approach, encompassing a broad range of social considerations. This session will highlight how the Buy Social Unit approach the procurement process and the design of procurement documents to maximise social benefits delivered through public investment.


The challenges and rewards of being a young and successful social entrepreneur

Aimee Clint

Euopean Social Director, Books by Stella’s CIC
13:40 - 14:05

User challenges and considerations that are fundamental to delivery of Digital Transformation

Graham Patterson

Principle Consultant, Gemserv

The talk looks at some of less obvious but very important user challenges and considerations that are fundamental to delivery of Digital Transformation. The talk uses examples from history and implementation of Digital Identity to examine:

  • How changes in technology affect user expectations.
  • How changing demographics afect the technology that can be implemented.
  • How cultural norms affect the implementation of services and how to overcome them.

The talk uses examples from work done in the Government of Jersey and Scotland as well as research into other implementations that was undertaken as part of the implementations.

14:05 - 14:25

Strategic Public Procurement (including innovative, green and social considerations)

Derek Flanagan

Policy, Office of Government Procurement
14:30 - 14:50

A New Model for Social Enterprise

David Hunter

Chief Executive Officer, Access Employment Limited (AEL)
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Green Procurement

In line with the 2015 European Long-Term Strategy to become climate neutral and the recently published Ireland Climate Action Plan, there is a clear focus on Ireland significantly stepping up its commitments to tackle climate disruption.

The leadership role both the Government and public bodies can play in taking early action on climate is crucial in achieving decarbonisation goals. Decisive action to confront climate disruption will be a major challenge within the procurement process but the benefits are huge, including: financial savings, green supply chains, promoting sustainable business and helping the environment.

What delegates will learn
  • How to “Buy Green” products and services
  • How to make more cost-effective and environmentally friendly decision
  • How to become a more resource-efficient by using sustainable goods and services
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14:15 - 14:40

Installation of Water-Bottle Refilling Stations to encourage reduction of single-use plastics on UL Campus

David Mangan

Portfolio/Operations Manager, Education Procurement Service
14.45 - 15:10

Tackling Modern Slavery through Public Sector Procurement

David Gigg

Head of Policy Delivery, Crown Commercial Service
15:15 - 15:40

Is Sustainability Achievable?

Phil Kinnell

Consultant, PASS

As the importance of Sustainability in public procurement exercises has increased, so have the myriad terms used to describe it. Our webinar will define Sustainability through examples, and will discuss the common challenges faced by procurers who want to deliver social, economic or environmental benefits through procurement exercises in a legally compliant way.

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Procurement Skills

Attending our Procurement Skills Academy Zone will allow you to further your career development opportunities by upskilling in key areas of public sector procurement. These interactive zones will offer a one stop shop for anyone looking to improve their knowledge of procurement. ALL sessions are CPD Certified and count towards CIPS Chartered Status.

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10:35 - 11:00

Writing a Tender Specification

Phil Kinnell

Consultant, PASS

The tender specification is the heart of every procurement exercise and it has to be right, first time, every time. There are a number of key aspects to creating a good tender specification and this session looks at a range of issues and considers their impact, from the technical requirement to criteria and weightings and from service levels to sustainability.

12.00 - 12.30

e-invoicing and PEPPOL – A Supplier Perspective

John Larkin

Country Manager, Pagero

All Irish Public Sector organisations are legally obliged to accept and process electronic invoices from 18 April 2020. What does this mean both for them and their Suppliers. John Larkin will outline how Irish suppliers can participate in this Pan European digital transformation initiative.

12:30 - 13:00

New decade - new opportunities, new challenges ahead for professionals in procurement and supply

Nicola Robinson MCIPS Chartered, BSC (Hons)

Group Head of Membership, CIPS
13:00 - 13:30

Evaluation Techniques

Eddie Regan

Principal PASS Consultant

It is important that the evaluation stage of the procurement process is structured and finalised before the tender specification is issued. Ensuring the right evaluators are in place and that they have a clear concise understanding of what the authority requires, is also a key element. This session will look at some evaluation issues and offer some tips on ensuring you have a robust process, that delivers the best possible outcome.

14.00 - 14.30

Contract Management

Eddie Regan

Principal PASS Consultant

The European Union (Award of Public Authority Contracts) Regulations 2016, when combined with good contract management processes, offers public authorities the ability to get far better outcomes from their procurement exercises. From managing the service delivery to looking at benchmarking, there are numerous ways in which contract management can help. But, putting the right structure and processes in place is essential. This session looks at a few of the easy wins and identifies areas for consideration.

14.30 - 15.00

Smart City Project

Nicola Graham

Smart City Operations Manager, Dublin City Council
15.00 - 15.30

You did what? Cautionary Tales!

Eddie Regan

Principal PASS Consultant

It’s always less painful to learn from the mistakes of others than to experience them yourself. This session will review a variety of stories and legal judgments and will discuss the most important lessons from them.

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Bid Support

Make the most of your day by visiting the Bid Support Academy Zone. Covering topics such as the do’s and don’ts of tendering as well as other relevant procurement training topics, the Bid Support Zone delivers a variety of Bid Support related topics including Understanding Added Value and Tips to Improve your Bid.

You may have little experience of bidding or you may have lots, but just how much do you really understand about the process and what the buyer is looking for?

Do you know that the public sector is moving towards life-cycle costing and ensuring that the specification takes issues other than just price into account? Can you interpret a specification to find out exactly what the buyer is looking for or do you spend a lot of time responding but not winning?

What delegates will learn

The sessions in the Bid Support Zone will look at key issues including What the Buyer Really Wants, Tips to Improve your Bid and Your Rights at Standstill.

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11.20 - 11.45

Hour Marathons, Tenders and Technology Innovation

Tony Corrigan

Founder/CEO of Orbidal
11.50 - 12:15

Reading the Specification

Eddie Regan

Principal PASS Consultant

As the tender specification is arguably the heart of every procurement exercise, developing a quick and accurate understanding of specifications you encounter will help you to carry out your bid/no bid decision making process. This session will discuss what should be included in specifications and what to look out for.

12.30 - 12.55

Get Ready to Tender to the Irish and UK Public Sector

Melissa Russell

Senior Marketing Executive, Supply2Gov Ireland
13.45 - 14:10

What is Sustainability and is it Deliverable?

Phil Kinnell

Consultant, PASS

As the importance and use of Sustainability in public procurement exercises has increased, so have the myriad terms used to describe it. Our webinar will discuss Sustainability and its synonyms, using examples, discussing the challenges and suggesting practical steps that will help differentiate your bids from your competitors.

14:15 - 14:40

Understanding Added Value

Phil Kinnell

Consultant, PASS

How often have you looked at the question about ‘Added Value’ and wondered what exactly the buyer meant? In a perfect world the specification should explain the requirement in detail, however when it doesn’t, it’s often still possible to develop an understanding of what the buyer wants. This session will look at a variety of possible ‘Added Value’ options and explain how you may already be providing exactly what the buyer is seeking, without having realised it.

14:45 - 15:10

Do's and Dont's of Tendering

Phil Kinnell

Consultant, PASS

Surprisingly, many tenderers make the same mistakes, again and again, when bidding for contracts. From outdated policies, to poorly presented financial information, by way of logistical and capacity problems and poor references, the list of errors is long, but resolving them is relatively easy. This session identifies many of these common errors and offers some easy fixes and some longer term but necessary improvements that many need to make.

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