Skills Zones

In addition to the Keynote Arena, Procurex Ireland will also host three skills zones, each featuring several speaking sessions and presentations delivered by high-profile speakers, providing delegates from the public and private sectors with the opportunity to learn more about the priorities and objectives of Ireland’s public sector, establish how buyers and suppliers can support these objectives, and develop the commercial skills needed to deliver Ireland’s essential services.

Focusing on the key themes of Sustainable Procurement, Procurement Skills, and Market Engagement, the skills zones will bring Procurex Ireland to life, ensuring delegates come away from the event with the knowledge and skills they need to help drive positive change in public procurement and deliver the services Ireland’s people rely on.

How can buyers and suppliers in Ireland’s public sector embed sustainability and social value into their contracts, adhere to environmental standards, and align their procurement strategies with the Irish Government’s Green Procurement Process and commitment to net-zero status by 2050?

What are the major changes facing public procurement across the island of Ireland, how can buyers and suppliers adapt to these changes, and what are the areas and skills procurement professionals need to focus on to ensure they can continue to deliver the goods and services the public relies on?

What are Ireland’s leading public sector buyers looking for from suppliers, and how can those suppliers build a more effective engagement strategy with buyers that results in greater innovation among suppliers, and greater cost savings, efficiency and transparency for buyers?